Munro Bagging


Tools used:

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A plot of progress, updated on completion.



A couple of wordles of Munro names; text size is a function of height, colour varies from east (tan) to west (green).

wordle wordle

The Semantic Map of The Munros

The recipe goes something like:

  • Scrape the MunroMagic and WalkHighlands websites for Munro descriptions.
  • Use text similarity metrics to come up with a measure of how alike any pair of Munros seems to be based on those descriptions.
  • Starting with a graph (network) consisting of the two "most similar" Munros (generally Aonach Beag and Aonach Mor, perhaps unsurprisingly), join Munros to the most similar one already accreted.
  • Use a graph layout tool to arrange the result; adding some colour (generally by longitude) and sizing the nodes by altitude.

Some results (there are numerous variations on the above scheme possible):
Preview Preview Preview
(thumbnails link to large zoomable SVG images).