fbreportz is Python scriptage to access a FogBugz server via it's XML API and to produce plots (via pychart ) of various project metrics. (FogBugz is a bug tracking product from Fog Creek software).

The ultimate intention is a utility which can be run at regular intervals to build a record of project metrics and email reports to interested parties.

The code is currently little more than a proof of concept with only a few plots output, but is in regular use and is shared in the hope it's of use to anyone wanting to access FogBugz from Python via the FogBugz API.

Some more information may be gleaned from the README and USAGE files.

The code is licensed under the GPL and hosted on SourceForge. There are no downloadable tarballs currently; code should be checked out from a tagged release (recommended for stability) or the trunk.

This is a SourceForge.net Logo hosted project.